This new website was created for Entrepreneur, Creative Director, TV personality and Writer Jay Manuel in support of his debut novel. The release of his greatly anticipated book, THE WIG, THE BITCH & THE MELTDOWN is a satirical look behind the scenes of Model Muse, a fictional, reality model competition show, and global phenomenon. The sleek modern design complimented his celebrity style and brand personality.

“This story has been in my heart for a long time. These are human stories that hopefully shift the paradigm about how we think about power, authority and relationships. My book is truly one of fiction, but no one ever writes in a vacuum. We write what we know. As they say, art imitates life, and is often larger than life. Hence, my metafictional work was, of course, inspired by my career in the eccentric Reality TV world. We all know reality television is not real, but what it does provide is a wonderful platform to understand essential themes about identity, in all people,” said Jay Manuel.

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The color palettes that created a color combination that worked well together to convey the product and express the unique personality of the brand

  • Black

    RGB: #000000

  • White

    RGB: #ffffff

  • Red

    RGB: #c23824